The name means the houses of Hadji Dragan.

Hadji Dragan - a trader of wool and silk - lived a hundred years ago. He traveled around the coun-try for a lot of years and went round a lot of districts. Trading he visited various towns. People met him with a great hospitality. He was often overtaken by the night and stayed in an inn. When it was winter, he liked to stay near the fireplace. Sparks went out of the chimney and the dishes simmered in the earthenware pots. He ate and drank under the vines in summer and enjoyed the beautiful countryside.
He was greatly impressed at the beauty of the Bulgarian houses during his journey, each of them being with its own appearance and style.
One winter evening, sitting by the fireplace and looking at the picturesque dance of the fire he was thinking what he could do to gather all this beauty in Sofia. Then he decided that as soon as it got warmer, he would call the best masters from Koprivshtitsa, Zheravna, Melnik and Bansko.
Spring came, the trees were in leaf, colors variegated the countryside. Hadji Dragan called the masters and conducted a competition who would build the most beautiful house. The masters got down to work and the construction commenced. A lot of people came attracted by the curiosity to look at it.
Hadji Dragan watched with great enthusiasm and a triumphant smile the know-how of the builders and thought: “The best of Bulgaria will be gathered here and I will welcome whoever comes here with a full glass and delicious Bulgarian dishes, so that he should remember where he was!”
The summer passed, the builders completed the construction of the houses having put in them their spirit and heart. Each of the houses was with its own unique distinctive architecture, richly adorned with decorative elements, painted in genre paintings.
Hadji Dragan remained very pleased and richly remunerated them, saying that from there on they would be the most honored guests in the taverns.
The gates opened and guests started coming, the most distinguished people in Sofia arriving on carriages.
Thus the dream of Hadji Dragan came true:
“A wide gate opened guests to meet, richly to treat them to delicious dishes and to see them off with revelry.”

After four years of hard work over restoration restaurant complex was launched at
1-st of March 2004.

See picture with images before and after the restoration